Virtual Stylist


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Stylist in your pocket! Virtual styling is a convenient way to get the styling help you need anywhere in the world. Most importantly, you should dress for your body type. Virtual Stylist is an effective way to get styled all over the globe. Even though you may be across the country, I offer virtual styling services to dress you for any occasion. 

Fashion apps: Retailers roll together shopping and social networking for mobile customers

Fashion has been slow to adapt to technology – now it’s catch-up time

The crossover between fashion and technology is a promised land, a fertile breeding ground, an area ripe for innovation.

 There is one digital arena in which fashion and beauty are garnering success: software; or in the parlance of tech 2.0, “apps”.

It’s well documented that luxury fashion brands were largely reluctant to embrace the internet, and was thus ignored for as long as possible. Although every label now has a pixelated presence, not all of them sell ready-to-wear online, and a few simply do not sell fashion online.

You can now shop Instagram, Pinterst, or many other brands on line, but great style is not following endless fleeting fashion trends.  Knowing what is best for your body, individual style, what you should wear and personal style tips and advice is important and what Virtual Styling can help you accomplish.

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