Virtual Stylist


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Stylist in your pocket! Virtual styling is a convenient way to get the styling help you need anywhere in the world. Virtual Stylist can style for you and dress for your body type. Virtual Stylist is an effective way to get styled all over the globe. Even though you may be across the country, I offer virtual styling services to dress you for any occasion. 

Fashion has been slow to adapt to technology – now it’s catch-up time There is one digital arena in which fashion and beauty are garnering success: software; or in the parlance of tech 2.0, “apps”.

You can now shop Instagram, Pinterst, or many other brands on line, but great style is not following endless fleeting fashion trends.  Knowing what is best for your body, individual style, what you should wear and personal style tips and advice is important and what Virtual Styling can help you accomplish. Virtual Stylist offers expert advise. Virtual Stylist is a way to have a personal fashion consultant and stylist .  Virtual Stylist is a convenient way to get personal fashion styling and the style inspiration and assistance you need anywhere in the world. Virtual Stylist is conveinient and effective, even though you may be across the country or the globe.  I offer virtual styling services to dress you for any occasion. Virtual Stylist will help you develop your personal style, and dress for your body type and figure. I will tell you what to wear and when to wear it. Making sure you look you best for work, special events and all occasions.

Virtual Stylist can set up appointment for a fashion consoltation for you for a fee.  Whether you need advice on how to step up your professional dress or a special event, or you’re wondering which colors are most flattering for your complexion, hair and eye color, this session gives you the opportunity to address your highest priority style concerns quickly. Eliminate confusion when dressing, for a special occasion –  I can style for you. Virtual Stylist can shop for you.  I can style and create the perfect look for you and your event. I can style your outfit head-to-toe. I can recommended wardrobe options including accessories to complete your look. Look stylish all the time.

I can shop, style, and fit you or just send you whatever you need wherever you are. Payment and expenses are all advanced before I render any styling assistance or service.

Proven track record of excellence in costume design and development, set decor, wardrobe consultation, and wardrobe styling. I have worked on many national and international commercial and print campaigns and I also have many private clients.  I have lots of experience in costume design and fashion styling, as well as fashion consulting. I can virtually shop and style the latest collections for you. If you are looking for a personal shopper to help you with your wardrobe makeover, don’t look any further. I have an extensive track record of  projects in all varieties of design, decor, styling and wardrobe consulting. I style people and  decorate sets.

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