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Angela Howard

Ph: 917.363.7707

Award-winning Production Designer and Art Director with an expansive, well-honed skill set and a rich career history of bringing concepts to life and translating vision to reality for internationally recognized clients, iconic brands, and startup companies. Leverages an extensive background in film, television, print advertising, and music video production as well as a sophisticated aesthetic and passion for the design of spaces, objects, and experiences.  World traveler, sophisticated collector, and curator who deeply understands the creative development process.

Clients: Nike ▪ American Express ▪ Ikea ▪ Lexus ▪ Coke ▪ Tylenol ▪ FedEx ▪ FEMA ▪ Visa ▪ Kellogg’s ▪ Amazon ▪ Lexus ▪ L’Oreal ▪ McDonalds  Morgan Stanley ▪ NBA ▪ Canon ▪ Payless ▪ Mitsubishi ▪ Reebok ▪ Schick ▪ Showtime ▪ Loews ▪ Staples ▪ Subway ▪ Toyota ▪ Verizon  Ford  ▪ Sony ▪  Miller Genuine Draft ▪  Advil ▪ Mazda ▪ Levi’s ▪ Home Depot  ▪ NFL ▪ Volkswagon • Bank One • HomeGoods • Dove    AT&T • Tide • Sprite • Discover Card • Ameritech • TJMaxx • Walgreens • Dow • Gatorade • Carrabba’s • Smirnoff • Lean Cuisine  Illinois Tourism • Listerine • G.E. • Nintendo • State Farm • Dish Network • JCPenney • Burger King • Pepperidge Farms • Slim-fast  Kindle ▪ SW Bell  ▪ Georgia / Indiana / Illinois / New York / New Jersey Lotteries  ▪ Victoria’s Secret  ▪  Post  ▪  Dos Equis  ▪ NBL  ▪  Gap


  • Served as Production Designer / Art Director for web series, short films, and major motion pictures for Showtime, Turner Broadcasting, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, VH1, MTV, Universal Television and HGTV networks.  Full list of projects available upon request.
  • Developed and launched multiple multimillion-dollar campaigns in television and print for HomeGoods over 6 years, including an innovative and highly successful Mobile Truck Campaign featuring lifestyle vignettes styled inside glass-walled trucks that traveled nationwide; sourced 100% of the products at HomeGoods stores across the country, and became a trusted trend spotter for current and future market trends.
  • Redesigned the opening sequence for The Oprah Winfrey Show and managed multiple projects for Harpo Studios.
  • Managed art production and launch of ground breaking campaigns starring Michael Jordan for Nike, Gatorade, Coke, WorldCom, McDonald’s, Chicago Bulls and the Jordan retail line.
  • Winner of CLIO Awards, Golden Lion Award, and Best Art Direction Award.
  • FIVEFOOTFOURTEEN, INC. 2000 – Present

    Art direction, production, and set design company specializing in commercial film, television, print, features, residential interiors, events and installations.


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