A woman falls deeper into paranoia after taking a deadly drug.

Kirsten Dunst Is Hauntingly Raw in the Trailer for Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s Woodshock

Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s directorial debut, Woodshock, has been guarded with secrecy. Today, the sisters behind Rodarte are letting a little mystery seep out with the film’s debut trailer. In the two-minute spot, the moody spirit of the movie comes through, with their star, Kirsten Dunst, wandering around bleak suburbs and vivid forests.

Now if you know the Mulleavys, you know their love of untouched, mystical California forests runs deep. Their sophomore collection, Spring 2006, was inspired by their “youth in Northern California’s Muir Woods and 1960s sculptural forms.” Echoes of that reverberate in Woodshock’s trailer. There’s Dunst in a “moon-kissed” slip wandering through a forest. Here, she saunters, sullen-eyed, in a suburban home. Shorelines and cars also factor, though the clip is light on revealing any pertinent details of the film’s plot.

For that, we reference the press notes that describe Dunst’s character, Theresa, as a woman coping with some demons via an illicit substance with mind-alerting effects. Spooky? Surely, but would you expect anything less from the women who spent a gap year between the end of college and the launch of Rodarte watching Japanese horror flicks at their parents’ house?

Rodarte sisters’ movie ‘Woodshock’ to be unveiled at Venice Film Festival

The Rodarte sisters are headed to Venice. Kate and Laura Mulleavy will unveil their debut movie “Woodshock” at the city’s annual International Film Festival, running Aug. 30 to Sept. 9. Written and directed by the designers, the film has been included in the “Movie in the Garden” section by the festival’s committee.

Rodarte’s Mulleavy Sisters Open About About Their Trippy, Twisted Woodshock

“It’s been said that making a collection is like having a child,” said Kate Mulleavy, who co-founded the fashion label Rodarte with her sister Laura in 2005. They were calling from Rodarte’s California studio just weeks before showing their debut couture collection in Paris. “But now, I think making a film is really like having a child.”

Last week at the Venice Film Festival, the duo finally gave birth to their first feature-length film, Woodshock, which they’ve spent the past five years writing and directing together. Starring their longtime friend, Kirsten Dunst as Theresa—a woman who helps her ailing mother die using poisoned medical marijuana from the dispensary where she works—the film invites viewers to get lost with her in the maze of California’s redwood forests, which act as a metaphor for the depths of Theresa’s grieving subconscious.

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