Paul McCartney Photographs 1963–64 Eyes of the Storm

                        Paul McCartney Photographs 1963–64: Eyes of the Storm

An unprecedented exhibition, revealing – for the first time – extraordinary photographs taken by Paul McCartney.

In this show, we focus on portraits captured by McCartney, using his own camera, between December 1963 and February 1964 – a time when The Beatles were catapulted from a British sensation to a global phenomenon. These never-before-seen images offer a uniquely personal perspective on what it was like to be a ‘Beatle’ at the start of ‘Beatlemania’ – and adjusting from playing gigs on UK stages, to performing to 73 million Americans on The Ed Sullivan Show. At a time when so many camera lenses were on the band, Paul McCartney’s photographs offer a crucial new perspective on the story of a band creating cultural history – in one of its most exciting chapters.

1964: Eyes of the Storm by Paul McCartney Book

Published to coincide with the National Portrait Gallery exhibition, Paul McCartney Photographs 1963–64: Eyes of the Storm opening June 2023.

‘Millions of eyes were suddenly upon us, creating a picture I will never forget for the rest of my life.’

In 2020, a trove of nearly a thousand photographs taken by Paul McCartney on a 35mm camera was re-discovered in his archive. This hardback book provides an intimate record of the months towards the end of 1963 and beginning of 1964 when Beatlemania erupted in the UK and, after the band’s first visit to the USA, they became the most famous people on the planet. Inside it explores 275 of McCartney’s photographs and his candid reflections on them. Taken from the six cities of these legendary months – Liverpool, London, Paris, New York, Washington D.C and Miami.


Paul McCartney, Photographs 1963–64: Eyes of the Storm is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.


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