This is not a book of secrets—I have no secrets. Sorry to disappoint if that’s what you’re looking for. I have some good stories, though. And a few ideas. This book is about living, creating, and color. Because creativity and color matter. I don’t want you to dress like me or think like me—that’s not the idea of this book. I want you to find the colors, confidence, and creative inspiration that reflect you. My life has been filled with love, wonder, and a very deep, incurable curiosity. This book is my treasure trove of inspiration, influences, and ideas: My source. Be brave. Find your source. What makes you happy? Much love, Iris x


“It has been an honor to know and to learn from Iris.” —Ruvén Afanador

“A force of nature.” —Tommy Hilfiger

“One of the industry’s oldest tastemakers” —Vogue

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