SARAH SZE Pictures at an Exhibition

SARAH SZE Pictures at an Exhibition




June 25–September 28, 2024

The boundaries of my artwork are never framedthey spill out the door and into the street. I want to remind people that they are a witness to the work.
Sarah Sze

Gagosian is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and an immersive installation by Sarah Sze. Opening on June 25, Pictures at an Exhibition marks the artist’s return to Paris after her first show at the gallery there in 2020, which coincided with her solo exhibition Night into Day at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain.

Following its debut at the inaugural Thailand Biennale, codirected by Rirkrit Tiravanija in Chiang Rai this past year, Sze’s immersive video installation Pictures at an Exhibition (2023) occupies the gallery’s entire ground floor. Expanding from the center of the space, a multitude of paper screens are animated with images, video, and light, forming a porous, illuminated core, like a room-sized kaleidoscope. Chromatic projections spill around their edges to cast remnants of light on the floors and walls of the central gallery and surrounding spaces, flickering across viewers as they move around the work.

Pictures at an Exhibition shares its title with a celebrated piano suite composed by Modest Mussorgsky in 1874, whose movements interpret a sequence of paintings. Likewise, Sze’s installation bridges diverse modes of media, perception, and sensorial experience. Juxtaposing natural imagery and abstract forms, the dynamic work is structured through spatial and temporal montage. Rapid, orchestrated transitions between fragments and whole images coalesce into constellations of larger cohesive forms. A collection of fleeting moments, from the personal to the universal, the momentous to the mundane, flashes by, held in an exquisite equilibrium. The cycles of constantly transforming imagery are both spectacular and ephemeral, foregrounding the nature of digital representation and the shifts in perception, memory, and desire accompanying its ubiquitous presence.

The installation is presented alongside a new series of paintings in which Sze applies her signature visual language throughout the building, including the gallery’s interstitial spaces, an exterior-facing vitrine on street level, and the first floor. Working through a generative process, Sze combines acrylic and oil with layers of photographic prints that are collaged to the works’ surfaces. Incorporating accumulated fragments of images into disorienting gestural compositions, Sze develops new modes of abstraction in her paintings that collapse distinctions between digital and analog, tactile and immaterial, and physical and imagined.


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