Gabrielle Rosenberg Stylist



I am a wardrobe/prop stylist for national and international commercial and print campaigns. I am a United Scenic Artist, Local 829 Stylist. I have extensive styling and set decorating experience for Advertising, Music Videos, Pharmaceutical, TV, Catalog, and E-Commerce. I style people and decorate sets. I am an Adweek Featured Talent.


Wardrobe Stylist, Costume Design, Props Stylist, Set Decoration for Print & Commercial Advertising, Music Video, Pharmaceutical, Television, Catalog, and E Commerce


1800 Tequilla – Michael Imperioli, 2-Exist-Winky Wright, Acuvue, Advil – Nolan Ryan, AIG, Air Lintas, Allegra Resorts, Amazon TV,  Amazon Prime- Josh and Seth Meyers, Amazon TV, American Airlines, American Express, American Breast Cancer-Vera Wang, Apple, Aramark, AARP – Production Designer, Set Decorator and Stylist Print and Commercials, Asics, AT&T, Atlantis Resorts, Baldwin Pianos- Michael Feinstein, Balance Bar, Bank of America, Barney’s, Bayer, Bed Bath Beyond, Bell Atlantic – James Earl Jones, Bermuda Tourism, Bertolli, BET, 2016 BET Honors – Costume Designer, Bob Dylan  music video “Cross The Green Mountain” , Bob’s Store, Bombay Sapphire, Bosch, Bravo, Brawny, Bristol Meyers, Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser – Tidal Made in America – Mary J Blige-Budweiser, Burger King – I designed the Burger King mascot costume, Burlington Coat Factory Commercials and Catalog, Business Week Magazine, Californication – David Duchovny, Campbells Soup, Canon, Capital One – Dragonforce, Carvel, Casio, CBS, CBS Cares, Celebrity Cruise, Centrum, CDC – Jenny Allen, CDW, Chapstick, Chase, Cheerios,Chevy –Jimmy Johnson, Michael Jordan, Chubb Insurance, Cigna, Cingular – Ludacris ,Citibank, Claritin,Clean & Clear, Clear Blue Easy, Club Med, CNN-Nancy Grace, Coke- Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Comedy Central – Michael Kosta, Colin Jost, Con Edison, Coke, Corona – Jon Gruden, Crest, Crocs – DonKing, The Daily Show, Dayquil,Dewars, Discovery, Dick’s Sporting Goods – Catalog and Commercial-Michael Phelps and Miles Austin, Comedy Channel, Corona Extra Jon Gruden, Disney, Dr. Pepper, Dr.Scholl’s, Domino’s Pizza,DrPepper, Ducati, Dupont, Entertainment Weekly- Jon Stewart, ESPN Body Issue Cover, ESPN – Print and Commercials, CBS, Everlast, E-ZPass – John Leguizamo, Febreze, Federal Express, Fiat, Fidelity, First Bank, The Food Network, Footlocker, Fosamax, Fox, Foxwood’s, Fortune, Franklin Electronics – Gretchen Mol, French Connection, Fruit of the Loom, FX Entertainment “Damages” Glenn Close Rose Byrne, FX Networks – Louie C.K., FX Networks – Kamau Bell, Gardasil, Geico, The Giants, Gillette, Girls Inc. Girl Power, Glad, Goldman Sachs, Got Milk – Jason Kidd ,GNC, Greyhound-Grand Master Flex, GTE, Haggar Catalog, Hanes Catalog and Print Ads, Harrah’s, Harvard Lampoon- Paris Hilton, HBO, -Michael Jackson, “One Night Only” The History Tour, Hebrew National, Hertz, Hersey’s -Gym Class Heroes, HBO, History Channel, Homegoods, Honda Odyssey- Scott Adsit Paula Pell, HSBC, Hula, Humira,Hyundai- Judah Friedlander, IBM, “I Love NY” – Governor Pataki, Jakob Dylan and Roger McGuinn- set, JCPenney, Jet Blue, Joan Osborne, The Joker, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Johnson & Johnson, Jordache Catalog, JP Morgan, K-Mart Catalog and Commercials, K-Swiss, Kleenex, Kodak, Kraft – Bernie Williams, Kohls Catalog and Commercial ,Lady Footlocker, Land’s End Catalog, Life Magazine, Lord & Taylor Catalog, L’Oreal, Lucky Strike, Lunesta, Macy’s Catalog and Commercials, MPA, Malibu Rum, Marvel, Maryland Live Casino, Mastercard, Maxim -Carmen Electra, Marvelous Mrs.Maisel,McDonald’s – Donald Trump, Men’s Fitness,Magazine Covers, Marvel, Mercedes Benz, Merck, Merrill Lynch, MetroPCS, Meyers, Metro PCS, MGM Casinos, Michael Jordan, Microsoft, Miller, Miller Light, Modell’s Catalog and Commercials, Molson, Money Magazine Covers, Monistat, Motorola, MTV, NBC, Netflix, New York Magazine Cover, NFL, Nicotrin, Nikon, NJ Lottery, NY Lottery, NY Times Magazine Cover, Norelco, Office Depot, Old Spice, Olive Garden, Oscal – Peggy Fleming, Pampers, Panasonic, PBS Renee Fleming Christmas Special with Gregory Porter and Rufus Wainwright- Art Director, People Magazine, Peninsula Hotel-Hong Kong, People Magazine, Pepsi – Commercial Victor Cruz, Pepsi NFL ESPN Tostidos Kick Off and Superbowl Print, PFIZER, Phillip’s, Phillip Morris, Playtex, Progresso, Project Runway, Prudential ,PSEG, Puma, Reebok- Elizabeth Hasselbeck, ,R.E.M – Michael Moore Director “Everyone is a Star”, Renew – Sonia Manzano and Grover, FX Network -Rescue Me – Dennis Leary & Derek Jeter, Rihanna- “Unfaithful” set decorator, Rene Fleming Christmas in New York – Art Director, Robin Hood Organization, Salt-N- Peppa “Push It” – set decorator, Samsung, 7-11, Self Magazine, S.I.A., Siemen’s, Showtime, Skinny Cow, Slim Fast, Softbank – SMAP, Sony, Sony Music – YoYo Ma and Emanuel Ax and Edgar Myers, Southwest Air, Spotify Cardi B  Skate Kitchen, Sprint, Sports Illustrated Covers, Staind Music Video, Steve Madden, Taco Bell, Take5 -Nick Kroll, Tampax, Tanguray, TBS,TD Bank, Timberland, Time Warner, TLC Promo Ads for All Shows, Tommy Copper, Toyota, Toys R Us, Tums, Tylenol, United Airlines, Under Armor, Uni- President Ice Tea – Avril Lavigne, Vanity Fair, Vaseline, Verizon Print and Commercials, Verizon Fios– Commercials and Print, Verizon Fios, Verizon Wireless – print and commercials (I designed the Test Man), VH1 – Dear Mama – Anthony Anderson, dancers and assorted musicians – Costume Designer, Viacom, Viacom Velocity, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Vitamin Water, Volkswagon, Volvo, Walgreens, Warner Brother’s, Weight Watcher’s, Wendy’s, Wired Magazine Cover, The Wiz – Vinny Testaverde and Boomer Esiason, XFactor/Pepsi – Kevin McHale, Yaz



My name is Tony Kaye.

I am a director/ cinematographer.
I have worked with Gabrielle Rosenberg 10’s of 10’s of times.
These times were all making big American corporate television commercials. I worked with Gabrielle in many capacities.
Set designer.
Production designer.
Art director.
Set dresser.
Over many years she proved to be very creative.

Had exemplary taste.
Great inherent design skills.
Financially sound.
Confident and kind.



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