Tyler Mitchell: Idyllic Space

Tyler Mitchell: Idyllic Space


June 21 – December 1, 2024


Tyler Mitchell is an American photographer and filmmaker renowned for his tender and innovative portrayals that center Black self-determination and empowerment through scenes of love, leisure, and camaraderie. Mitchell rose to global prominence in 2018 when he photographed Beyoncé for the September issue of Vogue as the first Black artist to shoot the cover in the magazine’s then 126-year history. He explores style, beauty, and identity through playfully theatrical, expressive photographs that seamlessly blend his fashion and conceptual work.

Drawing inspiration from the landscapes, homes, and communities of suburban Atlanta where he was raised, this homecoming exhibition features work made from 2017 to 2024 and considers Mitchell’s exploration of themes such as family lineage, play, companionship, the natural world, and domestic spaces. His lens captures the essence of relationships, weaving an intimate narrative of shared experiences.


I aim to visualize what a Black utopia looks like or could look like. People say utopia is never achievable, but I love photography’s possibility of allowing me to dream and make that dream become very real.

—Tyler Mitchell, I Can Make You Feel Good



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