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Director Kevin Macdonald  High & Low – John Galliano examines fashion designer John Galliano’s rapid ascent, fall from grace after an antisemitic tirade, and rehabilitation.

Fashion designer John Galliano was widely recognized as one of the most influential names in 1990s and 2000s couture until his career abruptly ended in 2011. Candid footage—plus conversations with Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and more—trace Galliano’s turbulent career through the decades.



 “High & Low – John Galliano” — Kevin Macdonald Tackles Fashion and Forgiveness

A special interview with director Kevin Macdonald about his new documentary on John Galliano and his controversial fall from runway stardom.

Superstar fashion designer John Galliano wrecked his career when he was caught on video in a drunken, antisemitic rant circa 2011. Now, in a new documentary, Oscar-winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald (WhitneyOne Day in September) asks audiences to gaze into Galliano’s eyes and decide for themselves if he deserves a second act.

On this special episode, Macdonald tells host Rico Gagliano about coming to terms with fashion, ambiguity, and the human mind.

Macdonald has crafted one of the most riveting rise-fall-redemption story arcs in documentary format in recent memory, with Galliano himself as his unreliable — but never less than compelling — guide. IndieWire

Taking the shape of a confessional by Galliano, a man forever shadowed by his drunken anti-semitic public outbursts, Macdonald’s portrait may be empathetic, but it never lets Gibraltar-born Galliano off the hook – especially when it comes to convenient memory lapses.  Screendaily

Where this documentary gets it right is in refusing to act as PR for the man – it allows him to to give his side of events, but also his victims’ and the others deeply wounded by his actions. It films his frailty and flaws as well as his genius.

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